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Sort key # Status Mergeable Title Head ref Assignee Approved by Priority Rollup
1 1685 yes Propagate 'public' field on dependencies to the index Aaron1011:feature/pub-priv-dep 0
2 1700 yes Add audit trail to the publish, yank and unyank transactions. markcatley:version-owner-actions 0
3 1715 yes Enable FastBoot kzys:enable-fastboot 0
4 1720 yes Rename "Game engines" to "Game Development" kzys:game-development 0
5 1759 yes Show right-hand column for yanked versions to crate owners. smarnach:manage-owners-yanked 0
6 1762 yes Add dropdown box to allow selecting more results per page daubaris:master 0
7 1788 yes Serve Ember bootstrap HTML for all non-api requests jtgeibel:fix-163 0
8 1800 yes Prototype: Public database dumps smarnach:dump-db sgrif 0
9 1806 yes Allow blocking arbitrary traffic without redeploying sgrif:sg-block-arbitrary-traffic carols10cents 0
10 1807 yes Refactor pagination to prepare for cursor-based pagination. sgrif:sg-refactor-pagination 0
11 1809 yes Change the default sorting on search to something less expensive sgrif:sg-change-default-search-ordering 0
12 1543 no Allow multiple keywords in crate search pwoolcoc:allow-multiple-keywords-in-search sgrif 0
13 1586 no Add the ability to flag a user as deleted in GH sgrif:sg-deleted-users 0
14 1599 no Hold onto authorization header with ApiToken source joshleeb:api-token-auth-header 0
15 1604 no Add migration and model for version_owner_actions table joshleeb:version-owner-actions 0
16 1697 no Begin working on a revamped test harness sgrif:sg-test-harness-v3 0

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