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Sort key # Status Mergeable Title Head ref Assignee Approved by Priority
1 1171 pending yes Fix build on x86_64-unknown-cloudabi, bump version alexcrichton:bump alexcrichton 0
2 503 yes Set the type for S_ISUID, S_ISGID and S_ISVTX correctly Idolf:fix-mode alexcrichton 0
3 506 yes Fix the sign of the EVFILT_* defines Idolf:netbsd-evfilt-sign alexcrichton 0
4 647 yes harmonize dirent->d_ino according to posix Mic92:d_ino 0
5 704 yes Change TIO* constants to c_ulong, as ioctl() requires c_ulong mneumann:freebsdlike-fix-tty-ioctl 0
6 1015 yes Remove termios2 from musl targets Susurrus:termios2_musl 0
7 1025 Fix FreeBSD ioctl request constants dcuddeback:feature/fix-freebsd-ioctls 0
8 1137 yes Marking nl_pad as public so we can construct sockaddr_nl WillYee:bugfix/nl_pad-visibility 0
9 511 no Fix android SA_* constants malbarbo:android_sa alexcrichton 0
10 629 no Correct datatype for various termios constants Susurrus:tcflag_t 0
11 966 failure Add constants for uclibc chernomor:uclibc alexcrichton 0