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Sort key # Status Mergeable Title Head ref Assignee Approved by Priority Rollup
1 730 yes Stabilize the x86 has_cpuid intrinsic gnzlbg:stabilize_has_cpuid 0
2 742 yes Mips msa build jobs rbirdic:msa-build-jobs 0
3 790 yes Use more simd_* intrinsics bjorn3:use_more_simd_x_intrinsics 0
4 792 yes Add more ARM SIMD intrinsics Licenser:more-arm-intrinsics gnzlbg 0
5 802 yes Add stdarch-gen Licenser:neon-gen 0
6 739 no Add std_detect::detect::features() API that returns iterator of target-features gnzlbg:feature_iterator 0

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